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Call to adopt healthy lifestyles

Employers could save nearly £3 billion a year by 2025 if workers reduce their alcohol consumption, quit smoking and maintain a healthy weight, a report from Bupa has suggested. According to the study, unhealthy employees end up costing £17.7 billion every year. By adopting healthier lifestyles, employees can increase productivity as well as help boost […]

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Increased sickness absence recorded

The level of sickness leave dropped to an all-time low during the recession but has since risen, with more than 600,000 workers absent from work in the last quarter of 2010. Findings revealed that nearly 613,000 employees took sick leave between October and December last year, leading to a loss of two million working days. […]

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Discounted places for next week’s Managing Safely Course

Managing safely is for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organisation. It’s designed to get managers up to speed on the practical actions they need to take to handle health and safety in their teams. This course is unlike any other. You’ll find a practical programme, full of step-by-step guidance, and with a […]

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More EU legislation……this time its Stress!

Manufacturers have given a firm thumbs-down to proposed European rules requiring that stress and other psychosocial risks be considered as part of risk assessments for musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s). A survey of 200 companies, carried out by EEF, has revealed considerable distaste for more health &safety legislation, but a strong appetite for case-study guidance to control […]

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Preventing slips and slips in the workplace

The HSE regularly display case studies of how some of proactive organisations in the UK are managing health & safety in the workplace. This month we feature Slips, Trips & Falls     Did you know? Slips and trips are the most common cause of major injuries at work and can happen almost anywhere. 95% of […]

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Bosses ‘encourage unhealthy habits’

More than half of bosses believe socialising at work means going down the pub, according to an insurance company report. Employers may be making their staff unhealthier with the practice, said Aviva’s Health of the Workplace study/  A rate of 57% of bosses claim that workplace social events normally entail drinking at a pub – […]

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