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In a move to improve efficiency further and deliver value for taxpayers, HSE’s Info line telephone service, which currently provides a basic information service to callers, will end on 30 September 2011.


Not very reassuring when the HSE have just announced that the annual fatality rate has just increased!!


Businesses and members of the public seeking information and guidance on health and safety can use HSE’s website; all well & good if you are web friendly and can interpret written guidance into practice


What if you cannot?


HSE advises seeking the services of a suitably qualified occupational safety and health and safety consultant (OSHC) as listed on the OSHCR register . And we are both on it.


For as little as £75 per month, you could be protected by two OSHCR consultants….


Contact us today to discuss how we can help you manage your health & safety – simply!




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