Are you a small builder?

We use the term ‘smaller builder’ to describe contractors who undertake work on:

  • Private domestic projects – involving extensions, repairs and refurbishment work on private homes; or
  • Smaller business projects – involving short duration repairs and refurbishment work for business clients (fewer than 30 days of construction work) where site safety responsibilities are shared between small builders and the business client.


The law requires smaller builders to:

  • Manage hazards & risks – You must plan, manage and monitor your construction work so it is done safely and without risks to health
  • Inform & train your workforce – Give information and training on risks, precautions and rules; and
  • Co-operate with the Client – The business client has legal duties and is obliged to co-operate with you and have arrangements for managing the work. It also makes sense to work closely with the home occupier to meet your responsibilities for site safety.


What you need to know

Smaller builders must be competent to carry out their work safely. You should not accept work for which you do not have the necessary health and safety competency.

Most fatal injuries in the construction industry now occur on smaller building projects involving refurbishment of existing homes and workplaces.

Over 60% of those deaths involve falls from ladders, scaffolds, working platforms, roof edges and falls through fragile roofs or roof lights.

Other fatal injuries on such projects arise from the collapse of excavations, lifting operations, electricity and mobile plant.

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