Are you a smaller builder Pt 3 – Co-operation

Close co-operation and co-ordination among everyone involved in a project can help to prevent injury and ill-health.

Business clients – have safety responsibilities on even the shortest of projects and will need to check the arrangements made by the smaller builder for managing the work.

For example, if there is a risk of falling through a fragile roof or rooflight the client will need to know how the smaller builder plans to manage the risk and ensure the safety of the workers and those in his premises. This will require effective co-operation.

Home occupiers – the home occupier has no responsibility for workplace safety. However, the smaller builder and occupier have a common interest in making sure the building work does not put residents at risk. Close co-operation will help achieve this objective.

For example, you will want to leave the site in a safe condition at the end of the day and ensure that the residents are not put at risk while your work is in progress. The occupier will need to know of and co-operate with your plans.

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